Video Library

Women & Infants Fertility Center has created this Video Library of informative and educational videos for patients and those interested in learning more about infertility.

Introduction to Infertility – Dr. Victoria Snegovskikh

Ovarian Reserve “The Biologic Clock” – Dr. Gary Frishman

IVF Indications – Dr. Gary Frishman

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss – Dr. Carol Wheeler

IVF Success – Dr. Virginia Mensah

What to Expect with IVF – Susan Bacon, RN

Infertility Workup – Dr. Carol Wheeler

When To Use An Egg Donor or Gestational Carrier – Nancy Donahue, ADN, RN

Frozen Embryo Transfers (FET) – Diane Sharkey, BSN, RN

Ovulatory Dysfunction – Dr. Virginia Mensah