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Women & Infants’ Fertility Center is part of Women & Infants Hospital, which provides excellent care to patients and training to future doctors and providers. Our physicians are both professors and practitioners of medicine who also conduct clinical trials and research, assuring that our treatments are backed by the latest evidence-based medicine.

Our mission is to put patients – and their needs – first. Unlike private fertility groups that may steer patients toward more costly, medically invasive procedures, we know that there is rarely a one-size-fits-all treatment. As a rule, we try the least invasive, least expensive treatments first.

That means we don’t push patients into more expensive treatments as the first option. For instance, in vitro fertilization (IVF) has the statistically highest rate of success of all assisted reproduction technologies (ART) but may initially be more aggressive than needed.

So, we start with a discussion. After review of medical history and investigation of symptoms, we work with our patients to understand their infertility diagnosis and choose, together, the treatment that best suits their circumstances and needs.

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In vitro fertilization is often the preferred treatment for many causes of infertility, and we are proud of our IVF success rates. However, you may notice that they are slightly lower than other fertility groups’ rates regionally.

That’s because we don’t withhold IVF as a treatment for patients with more complex cases who may not be the best candidates for success– even if it might lower our statistical success rates.

Women & Infants’ Fertility Center does not have absolute cut-offs for acceptance of IVF patients. For example, if an individual’s body mass index (BMI) is considered “too high” or “too low,” some clinics will reject them for IVF. Instead, we will try to optimize the patient’s health as much as possible, recognizing that some patients may not be able to achieve an ideal body weight. Often losing as little as 5 to 10 percent of body weight is sufficient to both enhance fertility and to have a healthy pregnancy.

Some clinics may also use a woman’s age to exclude her as an IVF candidate with her own eggs, due to the negative effect of age on fertility. While we do have an age limitation, we strongly feel that if it is reasonable and not excessively risky for a woman to try to become pregnant, she should be given the opportunity to try.

For these reasons, patients should not compare one fertility clinic with the next based solely on success rates and numbers.

At Women & Infants’ Fertility Center, IVF and fertility success are not defined by numbers, but by the hope we give patients and the families we help them create. Contact us at (401) 441-5336 to learn more about our success rates or to set up a consultation.

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Our success rates from 2017

Patient age Live birth or ongoing pregnancy rates
Under 35 38.6%
35–37 years old 36.1%
38–40 years old 39.4%
41–42 years old 16.7%
Older than 42 years 20.0%

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