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Nurse Anne was a pleasure to work with. I was incredibly nervous and she put me at ease and answered all my questions.
Karla V.
Jackie cared so much for my journey, always willing to help. Every time we talked I felt at ease, she has a good heart and it shows how much she cares for her patients. Thank you for everything you did for our family. I can't wait to work with you again. Dr. Victoria's optimism kept me trying until I got pregnant. Thank you for not letting me give up. Thank you for caring for your patients on a deeper level.
Orlenda J.
My husband and I moved back to this area from New Hampshire, and we were referred to Women and Infants Fertility Center after months of failed attempts to get pregnant with medication. Since day one at the center, we have been treated like family. We are currently undergoing our first and hopefully last IVF cycle. They have led us every step of the way!
Kevin and Marybeth Callanan
Connie was amazing. Comforting and knowledgeable. Dr. Cardozo was excellent as well. We had a birth. We will be back!
A patient
I love that no matter what Dr. Victoria never gave up and always made us feel comfortable. She re-assured us that she would do anything she could to help us conceive!!! She made sure we knew that we were not alone and infertility can happen to anyone, but we would get through it!!!
Mr. & Mrs. Ferreira
Your center is amazing! The doctors are wonderful, especially Dr. Gary Frishman and Dr. Wheeler who helped us achieve our second daughter. Dr. Frishman's detailed approach and innovative thinking led to a very successful pregnancy and birth of our daughter! We can't thank you enough.
Noelle Mello
I really liked how well the staff got along with each other. They felt like family. That may not seem like something important to a patient, as you're watching them interact, but to me, it spoke volumes about who I was trusting with my care. Being seen for infertility is an overwhelming process, but knowing that they cared about each other let me know that the way I was being treated was genuine. I feel that the staff is genuinely invested in our journey to have a baby and that makes the whole process easier. Thank you.
A patient
Staff were patient, friendly and informative and I didn't feel rushed.
I loved the nurses during my monitoring appointments, especially Angela, Coni and Sue.
A patient
Well, most importantly it worked on the first try. Outside of that, everyone we encountered was extremely nice, and the appointment flow was impressively efficient, and we never had to wait very long. You guys were AMAZING.
A patient
It was very easy to schedule an initial appointment. The staff were friendly and professional. The doctor and RN were both very kind and explained everything completely, with lots of opportunities for questions.
A patient
So far, everything has been great. We’ve only been in a couple of times and are at the beginning of this journey but so far we’re very pleased with everything!
A patient
I liked being able to come in during extended business hours and being able to call and leave voicemails. Staff are always patient and happy to help.
A patient
Everyone here was excellent! I had less than a 10 percent chance to conceive. Now I have a healthy, beautiful, smart, sassy, compassionate, to-be-7-years-old little angel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to be her mother!
All of the nurses at the infertility and reproduction center were sweet, caring and professional. As a 26 year old having to go through an unexpected round of IVF prior to chemotherapy, I couldn’t have asked for a better team of doctors and nurses guiding me through.
A patient
I'm currently 36 weeks pregnant thanks to Dr. Victoria and the team at the Women and Infants Fertility Center. My husband and I began here about three years ago, and after six IUIs, one fresh IVF cycle (ending in a miscarriage at 8 weeks), one frozen IVF cycle, and another fresh IVF cycle, we are excited to meet our little girl in about a month! It was a long journey but Dr. Victoria and the staff were very compassionate and helped us with our dream of becoming parents. We highly recommend this wonderful staff and facility.
Everyone, from the receptionist Jean to the phlebotomist Paula, and the nurses and doctors were very welcoming. The staff made this difficult journey much more pleasant.