COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Clinic Update

Written By: Women & Infants Fertility Center on April 25, 2020

Dr. Carol Wheeler, Women & Infants Fertility Center interim director, provides an update on clinic procedures that have been implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic and what patients can expect during in-office visits.


“We're still here, working hard”

It's Carol Wheeler, one of the physicians here at the Fertility Center. I just wanted to update you a little bit on what's been going on. I wanted to reassure you that we are still here. We’re working hard.

I know it’s been a crazy world. It’s now mid-April 2020 and as you know there is a COVID-19 pandemic going on. Of course, I don’t need to remind you of that. But I do want to let you know that we are still here and give you a quick tour of what’s been going on while you’ve been sheltering at home.

“A tour of when you arrive”

When you arrive at our center you'll be greeted at the elevator by Donna. Donna will ask you a few questions. She'll take a temperature on you and after she takes your temperature, she'll then ask you if you brought a cloth mask with you. If you do have a mask, she'll ask you to put on the mask. If you don't have a mask she'll be able to offer you one.

  • Do you have a mask? [Patient nods.]
  • Can you put your mask on? [Patient says yes and puts on mask.]
  • Yes! Great!

And then you'll come over to Jeannie who's been there so many times and many of you that have been in our office before have seen her. And she'll be the one to greet you. She does have this lovely mask on and is behind a little bit of plastic. But she still has her smile on.

“Our staff are always available”

So things are a little bit different. Our waiting room isn't quite as busy and that's on purpose because we want to help you maintain your social distancing. But our nurses, our staff are always available by phone to answer your questions and concerns.

We are still doing a lot of visits, mostly by telephone which is great. If you do need to be seen in the office we will figure out a way to make sure that you get your needs taken care of, in a safe way.

We hope that this pause in your treatment will be brief and that you'll be back with us shortly and able to resume full treatment and achieve your ultimate goals.

Thanks for listening today!