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We Stand in Solidarity Against Racism

Written By: Women & Infants Fertility Center on June 13, 2020

The recent events of police brutality against people of color bring to the fore that racism is a public health crisis. We stand in solidarity and condemn such actions.

Sadness. Anger. Fear.

These emotions run deep in our community today. And for our friends, family and colleagues of color, they are not new. We live in a country where racism is prevalent, seated in a profound history of prejudice, oppression and injustice. We are deeply saddened by the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Tony McDade and countless others who have been killed at the hands of police brutality and white supremacy.

The recent and horrific acts of violence have triggered outrage and fear throughout our country. Black people are fearing for their children, their families, their communities and their lives. We stand in solidarity and condemn these acts of racism, denounce all acts of violence against persons of color, and are taking action.

Our commitment to efforts against racism

At the Women and Infants Fertility Center, we stand with our colleagues, staff and patients in our commitment to anti-racism efforts. We are confronting explicit and implicit biases through inter-professional training in collaborative settings. Together we strive to change, and we are committed to doing the crucial work to build a community where individuals of all races are respected, met with compassion, and provided equal access to opportunities and healthcare.

We are confronting explicit and implicit biases through inter-professional training in collaborative settings.


Amidst the range of emotions, we are also hopeful we will see a better tomorrow. We are hopeful we can build a community that recognizes its privileges, identifies its biases and proactively addresses racial injustice. We are hopeful we will continue to recruit a diverse workforce and achieve a goal of inclusivity with implementation of a zero tolerance policy for racism.

As infertility specialists, we are hopeful that by identifying racism as a public health crisis, we can work toward the goal of improving the health of our black patients. We recognize that this work is long overdue and we will keep learning, growing and improving together.