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WebMD Features Patient Who Conceived After Recurrent Miscarriages

July 29, 2020

After Danielle and her husband, Di, had recurrent miscarriages (5!), they found family success with Dr. Wheeler

Sydney Faith was born after her mom had 5 miscarriages | Women & Infants Fertility Center | Providence, RI
Sydney Faith

Pregnancy journeys are different for everyone, each with their own set of joys and challenges. For Danielle Fontaine, her challenges included the five heartbreaking recurrent miscarriages she experienced. After four years of loss and hope, Danielle and Di were finally able to have their baby girl, Sydney Faith, with our help.

Danielle was referred to Dr. Carol Wheeler by her OB-GYN after her multiple miscarriages. Dr. Wheeler provided Danielle with multiple solutions including progesterone supplements and a daily baby aspirin, which may improve the odds of conception by reducing inflammation. Dr. Wheeler also tracked Danielle’s ovulation and checked her eggs. Once it was confirmed that Danielle was pregnant, she took every precaution to protect her miracle baby.

Sydney is now 19 months old. Her parents are forever grateful for their miracle baby and are so glad that they never gave up hope.

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