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New patient information

New patients who have set up their first appointment can visit our page on what to expect during your first appointment, so they are familiar with the policies and practices at the Fertility Center.
First Appointment Resources

Select treatment consent forms

Patients who are planning to complete a specific assisted reproductive treatment at Women & Infants Fertility Center are encouraged to review and complete their treatment consent forms before their appointment. Please click on the button below to use the treatment consent form tool to select and download the applicable forms.

Complete Treatment Consent Forms Complete los formularios de consentimiento

Contact us

You may reach us by telephone at (401) 441-5336 for routine issues, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Our office is closed for lunch from 12 to 1 p.m. Our fax number is (401) 453-7598.

When contacting us by telephone, please use the following extensions to reach the appropriate party:

Option 1 – Schedule an appointment or procedure (other than insemination).

Option 2 – Schedule an insemination or speak to a nurse regarding clinical concerns.

Option 5 – Speak with a financial counselor.

Option 6 – Speak with the IVF coordinator regarding a fresh IVF cycle.

Option 7 – Speak with someone regarding medical records or medical documentation.

Option 8 – Speak with the IVF lab.

Understanding insurance/financial information

Understanding the financial aspect of your treatment is an important but often frustrating task. The Financial Counseling Department at Women & Infants Fertility Center is here to assist you in understanding your insurance coverage, including what services are expected to be covered and what your expected patient financial responsibility will be.

While we do this as a courtesy to our patients, it is ultimately your responsibility to obtain accurate information from your insurance carrier regarding coverage and costs so that you can make informed decisions regarding treatment. Please see the Patient Insurance Coverage Information download below for recommendations on contacting your insurance company.

It is the policy of Women & Infants Hospital that all balances with the hospital must be paid in full prior to proceeding with any elective treatment, which includes any fertility treatment cycles.

We will review your insurance coverage to determine if authorization is required, and if so, we will submit a request for authorization on your behalf. Authorization requirements are determined by your insurance carrier and it can take up to 15 business days to obtain authorization, so it is important that you speak with us as soon as you know that you will begin a treatment cycle. Most insurance carriers require a new authorization with each cycle.

Please note that if you are having any blood work done at a facility outside of Women & Infants, you must make sure that your care team is aware of this so that your blood work is not repeated here.

Your services are billed through Care New England’s Professional Billing Office (401-273-0641) for office visits and Patient Financial Services (401-921-7200) for blood work, ultrasounds, procedures and treatment cycles. If you have questions after receiving a statement, please contact the appropriate billing office directly for clarification. If you have additional questions after speaking with either of those offices, you can call us directly and we will assist you in attempting to resolve any issues.


Please hand carry your (fillable) forms to your appointment or you may fax them directly to us at 401-453-7598.

New Patient Packet – Infertility Treatment 

New Patient Packet – Female Gynecologic Care

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