Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery at Women & Infants Hospital

Conceive at our Fertility Center, stay with Women & Infants through your pregnancy

Once a patient successfully conceives at Women & Infants’ Fertility Center, we recommend that she continue her medical treatment with an obstetrician or midwife at Women & Infants Hospital.

National leader in pregnancy, labor and delivery care

Women & Infants is a designated Baby-Friendly USA hospital and one of the nation’s leading specialty hospitals for women and newborns. It is also a major teaching affiliate of The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University.

Women & Infants Hospital is one of the largest stand-alone obstetric hospitals in the country, delivering nearly 8,500 babies a year.

Women and couples choose our hospital because of its specialization in pregnancy, labor and delivery – and also because of the great experiences their family members and friends have had here.

Benefit from continuity of care

Women & Infants’ Fertility Center patients who choose to deliver at Women & Infants Hospital experience a seamless transition from fertility treatment to pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period care. This includes less time transferring medical records, improved quality of care and patient confidence, and better overall patient safety.

Having a Baby at Women & Infants Hospital

Fetal and maternal health screening

Women & Infants Hospital performs a variety of tests and screenings to determine fetal and maternal health as early as possible. These include genetic screening, prenatal testing and fetal assessment.

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Breadth of delivery options

Women & Infants provides the full spectrum of delivery options for both low- and high-risk pregnancies. These services include the Alternative Birthing Center, which is a cozy setting that offers minimal hospital intervention but maximum assurance of safety, delivering in one of the hospital’s 19 private labor/delivery/recovery rooms, and both emergency and “gentle” cesarean births.

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Nutrition during pregnancy

Women & Infants Hospital’s team of nutrition specialists is another part of a patient’s care. Nutritionists create individualized dietary plans for each mother and her child to make nutrition an essential element of the pregnancy.

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Expertise for high-risk pregnancies

Women & Infants Hospital has a team of high-risk pregnancy specialists who work closely with a patient’s caregivers. They make sure every woman is screened for the possibility of a high-risk pregnancy, looking for risk factors such as the mother’s health and any past pregnancy problems, and watching for genetic issues or developmental problems in the baby.

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One of the nation’s largest neonatal intensive care units

Women & Infants Hospital has one of the nation’s largest single-family room neonatal intensive care units and is well prepared to handle cases of premature birth. A team of dedicated specialists, including neonatologists and pediatricians, works together to stabilize and care for the newborn.

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Postpartum care

Women & Infants Hospital continues the patient’s care after delivery, reducing patient stress and providing a smooth transition to the primary care physician when mom and baby are ready. Women & Infants will help the patient understand things like exercise, rest and caring for her body after pregnancy.

The patient can also work with the Center for Women’s Behavioral Health to provide psychological care for postpartum depression and stress.

Women & Infants also helps educate the patient on newborn care, ranging from such basics as bathing, crying and diapering to more complex issues, such as circumcision and umbilical cord care.

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