Share Your Success Story

At Women & Infants Fertility Center, we believe that sharing stories of success and perseverance helps inspire others undergoing or considering fertility treatment. If you are or have been a patient of ours and have a story about your infertility journey, would you please share it with us and others?

Here are the ways you can share your success.

Share your photos

Upload photos of your baby or family.

Write your own story/testimonial

You can write and share your own story for publication on our website by marking the “Share Your Story” checkbox below and completing the subsequent form.

Let us write your story

If you would like us to write your story, we can have one of our dedicated healthcare communications specialists contact you for an interview so we can write your story (you will have a chance to review and nothing will ever be published without your permission).

Mark the “Let Us Tell Your Story” checkbox below and complete the subsequent form so we can contact you to talk about your story.