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Coping With Stress in a Pandemic: Inspiring Quotes From Our Fertility Specialists

Written By: Women & Infants Fertility Center on October 22, 2020

Our providers have different ways of managing stress that comes with caregiving during these times of COVID-19, and this sunset with moored sailboats by Dr. Meghan Ozcan is the perfect picture for her advice: “Enjoy the beauty around us.”

We all need to practice patience in the face of stress & anxiety from the COVID-19 pandemic, and our providers share their methods

Our clinic isn’t exactly back to normal (is anything?), but we are safely providing all of our family building services in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Many patients are choosing to wait to resume their infertility diagnostics and treatments from medications to in vitro fertilization (IVF). We are ready for them when they feel comfortable to continue.

In the meantime, we are collectively and individually coping with COVID-19’s limitations and impact. Some of us are playing instruments, some are exercising the stress out, and some see new opportunities the pandemic brings. We hope you’ll find some inspiration in how they are handling all the disruption and adjusting to the new normal.

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A heartwarming stress reliever: spend time with the people you love


The things I do to relieve the stress related to the COVID-19 pandemic are playing my instruments, listening to music, cooking/baking, and most importantly spending time with the people who I love. These things ground me and make me remember there are so many positive things in my life; including friends, co-workers, family and community that will help us all navigate through these extraordinary times.

– Jacalyn Finerty

Finding purpose in providing fertility care & wonder in the joy of pregnancy


I miss the more personal connection that I had with patients pre-COVID-19. Safety trumps everything, but it is difficult for both me and the patients who we serve. Knowing that I am still able to provide such important care gives me purpose and makes my work meaningful to me. Seeing the joy of pregnancy is still wondrous!

– Dr. Gary Frishman

Pandemic de-stressing in a mindful way that brings inner peace


With this pandemic ongoing, I’ve started to take more time to be more “mindful.” I’ve been trying to take at least 30 minutes of each day to re-center myself with some meditation and quiet introspection. It’s been a great way to de-stress and find some inner peace.

– Dr. Virginia Mensah

Coronavirus cleared the schedule for after dinner walks & deeper appreciation


Before COVID-19 most evenings of the week something was planned, now we take 30-45 minutes to walk after dinner. The time allows us to really appreciate each other’s struggles every day and to enjoy the beauty around us.

– Dr. Meghan Ozcan

Exercise is the crucial cure for COVID-19 anxiety & stress management


Exercise and staying active are crucial for me under normal circumstances and even more so during COVID-19. I ran/walked almost daily during the quarantine and now I swim almost daily to help manage any stressors. I am a strong advocate of physical exercise in helping to not feel overwhelmed.

– Dr. May-Tal Sauerbrun-Cutler

The sweat of online training brings empathy for patients trying to lose weight

I joined an online training program when gyms got closed, and our trainer was very creative switching to Zoom. We got to know people from all over the country who train together now, which we could have never imagined before. When I train and sweat, I always think about my patients trying to lose weight and I keep thinking how hard it could be for them, as it is really hard for me. The pandemic gave us new opportunities and we should use them!–  Dr. Victoria Snegovskikh

Zoom yoga for focus and relaxation during the pandemic


Before COVID-19 I was in weekly yoga classes involving a lot of active stretching and strength building. My teacher changed it to Zoom yoga – and now it is restorative yoga. I really look forward to those Tuesday nights when I can listen to her calming voice and focus on relaxation. I even bought my own bolster and blocks!

– Dr. Carol Wheeler

Embracing new ways in the pandemic to keep old routines


Exercise has always been my primary method of reducing stress. I’m an avid fan of Orangetheory, a group exercise class that involves running, rowing and strength training. Before the pandemic, I was attending class five-six days per week. In addition to the physical benefits, I loved the supportive environment of the “5 AM crew.” I was so disappointed when their studios had to close, but I started running outdoors instead. More recently, I purchased a Peloton bike, which is a safer way for me to enjoy the supportive class environment that I love.

Dr. Jennifer Eaton


Changing patterns over time

There is no “right” or “wrong” way to handle stress or overcome worries. But it is important to recognize that we all develop patterns to how we react to those situations, which can change over time. We hope our experiences can be a helpful guide for you to develop your own plans for coping with the pandemic.