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A Day in the Life: Susan Pearson, Fertility Registered Nurse

Written By: Women & Infants Fertility Center on April 24, 2020

While you may know our physicians, we want to introduce you to a few of the other wonderful people who make Women & Infants Fertility Center the great place it is. This is the fourth of our “Day in the Life” series, which will shine the spotlight on one of our staff members, or a group of staff members, and their daily work.


Why did you become a nurse?

I chose to become a registered nurse (RN) because I enjoyed caring for people, found medicine fascinating and wanted to help people. I came to the Fertility Center department in 1993, as it was an opportunity to learn and grow in a new and exciting field.

Is there anything about you that would surprise your fertility patients?

I think the fact that I snow and water ski, do Tai Chi, love to travel, cry easily and love county music might surprise some.

What’s your favorite part of helping people with infertility?

Doing ultrasounds in the morning. This is an acquired skill and a wonderful opportunity to interact with our patients and educate at the same time.

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What’s unique about you that you bring to your role as a registered nurse in fertility?

Many years ago I also underwent fertility treatment, had several miscarriages and now have three grown children. I personally understand the stress and ups and downs of treatment.

What is a typical day like working in the fertility clinic?

As nurses, our day is basically divided in half.

In the morning we either work doing ultrasounds and IUIs (intrauterine inseminations), are in the procedure/recovery room or assist in office hours. In the afternoon, we’re busy with office hours, helping patients navigate through work up steps and treatment plans, or calling patients with results while answering questions on the phone.

Throughout the day I work with a wonderful team of other nurses, doctors, trainees, embryologists, financial counselors, admin staff, CNAs (certified nursing assistants), phlebotomists, computer tech support, residents, a social worker and managers.

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What’s your favorite part about working at Women & Infants’ fertility clinic?

My favorite part about working at Women & Infants Fertility Center is when our patients come to visit with their babies, and knowing that we are always striving to improve the process of family building.

What kind of challenges do you face on a daily basis?

On a daily basis, time is the biggest challenge: having enough to meet the emotional needs of our patients, knowing how stressful the entire process can be.

What do you think is important for patients to know about your day as an RN?

I think it is important for patients to know that as an RN, our day is spent in many different activities. We all strive to make the process as smooth as possible for our patients. We are great multitaskers and work as a team.

We attempt to return calls as quickly as possible. The patient may not always speak with the same person, but we are all here to help them with their goal of parenting.

We are caring people who strive to offer the type of care that we would to a family member. We are on their side.

Have any interesting stories you’d like to share?

Fertility treatment has changed greatly over the past 20+ years. My favorite story is of a couple who benefited from ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) when it was a new procedure and conceived a son who must now be 20.

The other is of how our department comes together as a family to care for and support each other, our patients, and community members.

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What’s some of the advice you share with patients going through infertility treatment?

The best advice that I like to share with patients is to find ways to channel the stress of infertility treatment. Also, to ask questions and realize that our entire team is here to help you.